HR Fuse Privacy Policy

We understand that your company data and your candidate data is very personal and that every precaution should be taken to ensure it is safe and secure. We understand that challenge and accept it!

HR Fuse is committed to privacy of personal information gathered during the application process and stored by the HR Fuse candidate Tracking System. It is our policy to respect candidate’s privacy and the privacy of corporate records concerning personal information. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please direct your questions to

HR Fuse seeks to follow privacy practices adhering to the Safe Harbor standards.

Please be aware that HR Fuse is not responsible for the privacy and security practices of our employer clients. HR Fuse is a system to manage and store application data, but the application information that you enter into one of our client’s sites is the property of the client. If you have questions or concerns about the policies or procedures of a specific employer who is one of our clients, please contact them directly. The following information pertains to the HR Fuse system and our processing and storage of application information. It is not enforceable upon our employer clients, as they set their own privacy and security practices as to who has access to your data and how they protect and manage the security and privacy of that data.

Collecting Information

Personally Identifiable information is collected in a number of sections throughout the HR Fuse Application.

Correction/Updating Personal Information

Information can be corrected and updated at any point in the application process by logging into the HR Fuse Tracking System or by emailing the hiring manager.

If an candidate’s personally identifiable information changes HR Fuse provides a way to correct, update, or remove that user’s personal information. This can be done by logging into the client’s HR Fuse System.

Client Privacy Policies

Please be aware that HR Fuse is not responsible for the privacy and security practices of its clients. HR Fuse encourages users read the privacy statements of each and every company to which they apply. This privacy statement applies solely to the role HR Fuse plays in collecting and storing candidate data.

Dissemination of Information

HR Fuse will not sell or otherwise transfer any personally identifying information to a 3rd party except for the specific client where an application is filled out. All e-mail generated from HR Fuse is integral to the use of the application. However, if you would like to opt-out of e-mail, please see the “Opting-Out” section below.


If you would like to opt-out of any HR Fuse System e-mailings, please e-mail us at and put “Opt-out” in the subject heading.


Personally identifiable information is stored on a separate server as a security precaution and our site is SSL encrypted. Since, however, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information our users transmit to our Site.

All candidate information is restricted by administrative login to the HR Fuse System and controlled by the corporate office. Only administrators who have permission are granted access to personally identifiable information. All HR Fuse employees are kept up-to-date on security and privacy practices. Additionally, the servers that store personally identifiable information on are kept in a secure environment that can only be accessed with a secure login and badge access to the facility.

The access and use of candidate information by our individual clients’ employees who have an administrative login is controlled and regulated by the individual clients. It is up to each of our individual clients to manage who has access to the administrative logins and to ensure that their own employees are kept up-to-date on security and privacy practices.

For any questions regarding HR Fuse security or privacy policy, please email us at or call 888-633-9269.